1.  Try to come to a Parent Information Meeting if you are new to Magnum.  We have a few to choose from.  These allow you to hear how we are different from other clubs and allows you to ask any question you may have..


2.  Compare Magnum tryout dates to any other club's tryout dates and see how you can make it work.   Make sure that you clear your schedule to be able to come to the first Magnum tryout for your age group.  Offers will be made at this tryout so you don't want to miss it.


3. Try to narrow the number of clubs that you want to tryout for before tryouts.  Many club tryout dates are very similar and you can wear yourself out by going from one to another.  Do your research before tryouts to see if the club would be a good fit for you.

4.  You must Register your daughter for the USAV before she comes to tryouts.  This is a membership that provides her with secondary insurance and covers her at tryouts and throughout the season.  There is a TRYOUT MEMBERSHIP this year that cost $15.  

To Register her click here: USAV Registration