Parent Expectations


Being a great and supportive parent is not always natural to all parents.  At Magnum we feel that parents have to be as responsible for their actions on the sidelines as the players are on the court.  Therefore, just like your child is being trained on how to be the best player they can be, sometimes training needs to be given for you to become a great volleyball parent.  Don't take it personally if an veteran Magnum parent or a Magnum coach gives you some advice at a tournament if you are saying something "unsupportive".   Many times in the heat of the moment we say things that we don't realize are hurtful and that is why we need others to help us.  We all have to learn and hold each other accountable.

Some highlights on how to be a supportive Magnum Parent and keep from saying "unsupportive" things at tournaments or practices:


1.  Always support your Magnum coach- even if you don't agree with them and even if your child is not getting the playing time you think they deserve.  Teach your child how to be a team player by watching you.  


2.  Treat the refs with respect even if you don't agree with them.  We know that refs are sometimes bad but we are training the girls that 1. we should be able to win even with bad reffing because our players are hopefully trained better and 2.  It's not all about winning and learning how to deal with adversity and pushing through it is more important that the final score.  I know it's hard because sometimes we feel the refs are unfair with their calls to one team more than another.  Let the Magnum coach deal with that if that is happening.  Don't take things into your own hands.


3.  Never say anything negative about the performance of a player (your child or another child) in the presence of another parent.  These types of comments will find their way to the parent of that child and it will cause parent drama which will lead to team drama and we don't want either of those.


4. Always cheer for all of the players on the Magnum team (extra loud for your child is ok too).  If a player other than your child has a good game make sure you tell them.  I'm sure you would like other parents to acknowledge your child when they do well.  

See the Magnum Parent Code of Conduct and be ready for another Magnum parent, team rep, or coach to say something to you if you aren't following it.


All Parents: Watch the important video below  and hear some kids talk about playing soccer and understand that it is the same way for kids playing volleyball.

Then what the funny video below that.