Covid Information for the 2021 Season 

Any member or family members who:

  • have COVID-19 symptom(s)

  • have tested positive for COVID-19

  • have recent exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

and knowingly attends a practice or tournament without first notifying your club director may face suspension from Palmetto Region.  Notification must be in BOTH email or text and phone call.  You must also get a response from the director before any attending any activity. 


The region requires that you have a 14 day quarantine and a negative test result before attending a tournament. 

To see all Palmetto Region Info on Covid click here.

Covid Refund Policy for Magnum:

A Note About the 2020-21 Season This season will be unlike any other, due to the uncertainty and unknown that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. There will be a lot of questions that come up during the season that we may not have the answers to right away, and we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. We will continue to keep these primary goals at the forefront of all we do: the safety of participants, offering a variety of team levels/schedules to fit all families’ needs, and communicating quickly and efficiently when changes happen. Please note that all season information is tentative, and dependent on regional, USAV, federal, state, and local guidelines and laws. The uncertainty of COVID-19 makes it difficult to plan for all potential situations. This document is intended to provide a baseline for how refunds will be handled in the event of cancellations or other season interruptions. By participating with Magnum, you are agreeing to follow the COVID-19 policies established by the Magnum Volleyball Club, our contracted practice facilities, tournament hosts, the Palmetto Region, and USA Volleyball, in addition to applicable local, state, and national ordinances or laws. These protocols and policies may change throughout the season. Failure to follow these protocols may impact the ability to participate in practice, attend tournaments, or participate with the club. Failure to follow these protocols may also result in financial penalties. No reimbursements will be provided to players or families who fail to follow the protocols put in place by Magnum or the above mentioned facilities and/or governing bodies. No reimbursements will be provided to players or families who knowingly attend a practice or tournament without first notifying the club director. Players who have outstanding balances at the time of the season interruption/termination will automatically have their refund applied to their outstanding balance.


Potential Season-Altering Situations and Associated Refunds Potential impacts to the Magnum season include, but are not limited to the following situations:


1. Player Quarantined/Player positive COVID-19 Test – These will be treated as injuries under the Magnum Club Policies. Short term illness of 3 weeks or less will not be subject to any reimbursement of club fees. Illness of greater than 3 weeks will be treated as a serious illness, per the Club Policies document.


2. Coach Quarantined/Coach positive COVID-19 Test – The unaffected coach (head, assistant, or practice) will run the team’s practice and attend tournaments if applicable. If both of a team’s assigned coaches are unable to participate, Magnum will attempt to find a substitute coach. If Magnum is unable to locate a substitute coach for over two weeks, or if the team must cancel tournaments due to lack of a coach, Magnum will issue a credit/refund for associated tournament and/or practice fees.


3. Cancellation of a Tournament – Magnum will issue a credit/refund for the cost of the tournament entry fee (the amount reimbursed to the club) and associated coach travel costs.


4. Loss of Practice Facility – In the event that Magnum loses access to a practice facility, and cannot find a suitable replacement within 2 weeks, this may result in the cancellation of the season. Loss of a practice facility for less than 2 weeks will not be reimbursed. Loss of a practice facility for more than two weeks, without a replacement facility, will be reimbursed the amount of the cost refunded to or avoided by the club for the duration of the cancellation.


5. Cancellation of the Season – In the event of cancellation of the season, Magnum will issue a credit/refund for fees in the amount of the costs avoided by/refunded to the club.


2020-21 Magnum COVID Refund Policies- 

Refunds/Credit Information Club Costs included in credit/refund amounts

 Practice facility rental fee reimbursed and/or avoided

 Tournament entry fees reimbursed by the tournament host

 Coach travel and hotel costs avoided or reimbursed

 Coaching fees avoided Calculation of credit/refund amounts The calculation of reimbursements will be done by dividing the total of the costs avoided by or refunded to the club of the team in question by the number of players on that team, if only one team is affected. If more than one team is affected, the refund will be calculated by taking the total cost and dividing it by the average number of players on the affected teams.


Example – Single Team

 The season is cancelled, resulting in a team missing 3 weeks of practice and 2 tournaments.

 Practice facility costs were reimbursed to the club 

 Coach fees were avoided 

 Tournament entry fees were reimbursed to the club 

 Coach travel and hotel costs were reimbursed/avoided

 The total cost avoided/reimbursed to the club would be all of that added up

 The 10 players on the team would each be due a credit/refund of 1/10 of the total cost. 

Refund/Credit Timing

Players and parents are asked to understand that any season interruption or early termination will be unexpected and out of the norm. While club administration will attempt to communicate as openly and quickly as possible, we may experience delays in communication with practice facilities, tournament hosts, and regional or national administration, which could delay any potential refund/credit to players. Additionally, processing refunds/credits, whether by check or electronically, takes significant time. Therefore, we estimate that any credit/refunds due to families during or after the season may take between 6-8 weeks to process.


I have read and agree to follow the above refund policies for the 2020-21 season.


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