Fall Clinics

Please fill out the registration linkREGISTER  if you are planning on coming to a clinic so we can have enough space and coaches at the clinic.

In the fall Magnum holds clinics for any player (boy or girl) who wants to increase their skill base for the school season and/or get ready for club tryouts.  Anyone can come to these.  You do not have to be a Magnum player or plan on trying out for Magnum in the future.  If you want to learn and get better then come to the clinic.  

We have clinics specific to positions and clinics that are specific to skills. 


Some Clinics are designed for all ages (middle school ages and up) and some are for High School ages only.


*We will try to split the players into beginner and advanced groups at each clinic. Whether you've never played before, or are a college-bound athlete, you will be challenged.


 All Clinics cost just $15- either cash or check made out to Cash please.

Fall Clinic Registration Form will be required when you come to your clinic.  You can print it off and bring them in with you or if you cannot print it we will have extra copies.  This form needs a parent signature.  You only need to fill this out once if you do more than one clinic.

Calendar of All Clinics for fall 2019- Now Updated below

Some clinics are still being offered on Saturdays but many clinics were moved to Sunday afternoon this year  due to conflicts with school tournaments and other things happening on Saturday mornings.  We hope that more high school level players can join us on Sundays this year.

See below for description of each clinic.

Please REGISTER if you are planning on coming to a clinic so we can have enough space and coaches at the clinic.

David still plays both indoor and outdoor and has won the Clash and Crown many times in the Men's A divisio

Clinic Schedule for Fall of 2019

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