How do Tryouts work?

Magnum Tryouts are usually held the week after the State Finals (for U15 and above) and 2 weeks before the state finals (U14 and under). 

  • Most Clubs post their tryout times by age on their websites. Although clubs try to work together it is not uncommon for Clubs to have conflicting times for the same age, you will need to prioritize your Tryouts.

  • Magnum offers a makeup tryout (if needed) BUT attending the first Tryout is critical for placement on your desired team.

  • Players will not receive an offer to join a team at the tryout.  Offers for teams will be posted after all tryouts have finished (make ups and call backs).  Any player who does not get an offer at the team posting may be put on a waiting list and receive a call within a few days.

  • Tryouts for Development players (12 and below) are more of an evaluation than a Tryout. The evaluation helps to place them on the most appropriate team.

What does Magnum Offer?

  • We offer a variety of team types and levels; Travel and Local, young to old, and Club to Elite.  However, we do not always have space for everyone on our teams.  We do make cuts.

  • We offer safe, disciplined and structured environments in both training and competition for all participants.

  • We try to establish positive relationships and respect between Magnum (coaches and administration) and its athletes and their families, and the community as a whole.

  • We train our athletes at the highest level possible with the primary performance objective of high-level team and personal success.


Parents and Tryouts

  • Parents may enter the gym during tryouts but are asked to please watch without distracting their child. Our goal is to have the players focus on their tryout without distractions or coaching from their parents.


What age group do I play in?

  • The age is determined by the birth date, not the grade level.  (A player can play up in age, but not down in age).  However, we ask that you tryout with your age group.  If we feel that your child can play up in age then we will discuss that with you before team placement.  

How do we find out where and when my daughter will practice or attend tournaments?

  • Before the season starts the club will send out a “provisional”  Practice schedule.  The tournament schedules are already posted and they should not change unless we cannot get into a tournament for some reason.

  • Practice locations are at our numerous facilities all over the city.  Your practices will be mostly at a consistent location once set- not always at the same gym but in the same area.

Does Magnum offer Developmental Programs for Younger Age Players (1st-K - 6th)

  • Currently Magnum offers and Youth Academy in the Spring.  The players will practice once or twice a week and play in 1 tournament a month.  If you are looking for a youth league in the fall please email Eric Shick @ Eshick@lexington1.net . He runs a youth league in the fall at Lexington High School

Do you offer private lessons and how can I sign my player up?

  • Some Magnum coaches provide private lessons which can be scheduled with them directly however many of our coaches also coach HS and therefore lessons during the fall season are hard.  

What other ways can we support Magnum?

  • In addition to many volunteer positions we are always in need of help during local tournaments (Usually 4-5 from Jan - April) If you are able to help please send us an email magnumvolleyball@gmail.com

Are there fundraising opportunities?

  • Magnum doesn't do any mandatory fundraising.  However, we have a sponsorship program where a player can go out and get someone to sponsor their team or the club in general.  This money goes directly to the player.  We are also open to setting up fundraising opportunities if you come to us and let us know that you need them.  

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of severe weather, practice cancellation information will be available via our website and team phone/e-mail trees. Players from outlying areas are encouraged to use their best judgment when attempting to travel to practice. The safety of the athlete and their family is our first concern and priority.