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Information for Parents on how to use AES:

At the event and trying to find what court you plan on and when? Use Advanced Event Systems - this is the best way to stay exactly up to date on the time, court, pool, and playoff information on game day (and probably the week before). They also have a great mobile app "AES Xpress" available for $1.99. 

Navigating through AES:

  • Click on SCHEDULE (lower middle section) and choose the tournament for that weekend.

  • On the next page you can choose to narrow things down by club, age groups, etc.  Click on the appropriate club or age group selection.

  • The next page will show you all the teams that are playing that day.  Click on your team.

  • This will show you your Play Schedule and your Work (officiating/scorekeeping) Schedule. *All players will need to stay for officiating responsibilities - a team starts and finishes together.

With the Advanced Event Systems (AES) tournament directors are able to input scores which allows parents to see future play times and dates. The systems is continuously updated.