Once a Magnum player is playing on a U15 or above power, elite, champion level team they will have access to the SportRecruits system.  Until then you can read the following links about recruiting. 

What can you as a parent do to help your daughter get recruited to play in college?

1.  Read all of these links below:

Recruiting time line for parents :  Click on these links to see what you need to do each year as your daughter develops as a volleyball player:

Read this important info on how to be recruited:

2. Put your daughters name out there as much as you can:
A. Free recruiting web sites  
Listed below are a few. On university Athlete you can upload a video of your daughter playing. 
B. Make a web site of yourself with all of your information-if you are technically inclined.  
You can upload videos onto Utube and link them to the site. 
C.  Do whatever it takes to market your athlete
Read this link:

Make sure you register for the NCAA Clearing House:

Be proactive and contact the schools that have your daughter's major and that you think that she might have the ability to play for.  If you are not a good judge of this then ask your coach.  You can contact a college usually through their teams volleyball web site.  Look for a "Prospective Athlete Questionnaire" form on the college's site.  Or you can send a letter to the coach.  There is a sample letter on this link at the bottom.  

Here is a link of all of the colleges in the nation that have volleyball as a varsity sport:

Check out any college in the nation here:

Do whatever you have to do to increase your college tests- SAT / ACT 
Take some SAT prep classes or whatever you need to do to increase your SAT scores if they are low.  And keep your GPA Up.

Go to the summer recruiting camp of the colleges that you are interested in.  
This gives the college coach a chance to meet you and see you in "real" action and they can coach you.  You will learn if you like them and they will learn if they like you.

Once a coach makes contact with your daughter make sure she stays in contact with them and fills out anything they send you right away and then follows up with a thank you note.

The SportRecruit online system is great for the players to use to do this.