Great training for setters of all ages- 


Magnum is one of the few clubs in the area that offers quality Setters training

for setters of all ages and levels.  We feel that training setters is very important

for the success of any team.

The participants of the Setters Academy are provided with beginner to elite

training and comprehensive instruction in volleyball setting. The Setters Academy

will provide student-athletes with the technical training they need to be the

quarterback of their school and club teams.  We have up to 3 courts so setters

are placed in a group where they will be challenged.

All academy participants will be instructed in the basics of the setting position including footwork to the ball, hand position, release on the ball, and setting tempo. Participants train for speed, accuracy, consistency, and decision-making. While all participants learn the same foundations of setting, they will also learn (when appropriate) more advanced techniques such as jump setting, tracking the block, holding opposing middle blockers, and game strategy.  There will be 2 or 3 courts and multiple levels of training at each session so that every setter will get what she needs.

  Setters Academy Registration Form  is required when you come to your first clinic/Setters Academyy.  You can print it off and bring it in with you.  If you can't print it for some reason we will have extra copies. The Waiver needs a parent signature.  You only need to fill these out once if you do more than one clinic.

To register for a Setters Academy click here:  REGISTER

Setters Academy

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