Magnum has joined with for 2019. Get recruited this season!

At Magnum we are upping our game for the 2019 season for our members. The first thing we have done is partnered with a recruiting service called This is a recruiting platform that does many things to help the girls get recruiting by helping them contact college coaches, market themselves with various forms of contact and use of video, and allows us as club coaches and directors check up on them to make sure they are doing a good job of being recruited. This way we can see who is working on getting themselves recruited and how we can give them direction or help.

SR puts the power into you and your daughter's hands by giving you all of the tools that you need to get your daughter in front of the coaches that you want. Your daughter will still have to do their part with contacting them and making themselves on athlete that the coach will want as a player (both on and off the court). This service does everything that a Scout from NCSA or NSR would do for you.

For a short video on the service click here: SportsRecruits in 60 seconds!

Here is another cool video on how the service works between the player, club staff, and also the college coach.

SR has a national database of every college that has a volleyball program. It has their coaches contacts and gives you an easy template on how to contact them with your information. SR lets you look at information on each school and narrow down ones that you might be interested in based on location, major, etc. It sets you up with a great looking profile page (example: Profile) that links to our Magnum website (see Munciana's page: Example Commits Page (Munciana) where you can post information and video about yourself. Then it tracks the college coach and what they do with this information. SR tells you if the college coach opens your video link or not. This lets you know if they are interested in you or not. Your club coach and director also has access to what you are doing and can help you on your recruiting journey.

Some parents have told us that you don't know how to make a highlight video. SR has a person specifically assigned to our club that you can call or email and they will answer all of your questions on recruiting and also SR has a service that will make the video for you if you just don't have time or want to tackle that on your own (there is a fee for this).

Let me know if you have any questions about this exciting new service. Magnum is committed in helping our athletes make it to the next level- if that is something that they are interested in. This service costs us about $150/player for next year. So we are vested in your recruitment too.

We know that you will be impressed with this service. This is something that no other club in this area is offering their members and something that we feel will set our club above the others even more than it already is.