How players choose their club- Read the findings of this report on choosing the right club for you.

A study came out recently trying to find out the main factors that players choose which club to play for. Here are the top four reasons that players indicated.

1. Coaching quality

2. Club culture

3. Competitive Advantage

4. Recruitment Opportunities

At Magnum these 4 factors should drive any player to look at Magnum as the club for them.

1. Magnum has some of the best and winningest coaches in the area coaching for them. Most Magnum coaches have been coaching with us for over 10 years. All Magnum coaches are trained to coach the same technique to all ages for continuity.

2. Club Culture- Magnum is the longest running club in the area (established in 2001) and has put out more college players than all others.

3. Competitive advantage- Magnum teams compete at the best tournaments in the area and compete at a high level in the larger tournaments. Some clubs will put their teams in the lowest divisions where their teams can do well and make it far in the tournament but the teams they play against aren't at the same level as them. Magnum teams play in the appropriate level against teams that will challenge them and teach them that they have to play hard all of the time to win.

4. Recruiting opportunities- Magnum players get seen by coaches. Magnum plays their teams in tournaments where we know coaches will be at. We also have college coaches in our practices watching our kids. Finally, with the addition of our new recruiting service,, our players have everything they need to get the college scholarship that they want.