Magnum Coaching Assignments are out!

Magnum has posted most of its coaches for the 2020 season. These are proposed coaches and may change based on tryouts and other teams being formed. Top team assignments will not change. 2nd and 3rd teams may.

•18 Champion- Head: Eric Shick, Assistant: TBA

•17 Champion- Head: Amber Haver, Assistant: TBA

•17 Elite- Head: Carly Swisher, Assistant: TBA

•16 Champion- Head: David Tiffner, Assistant: Anna Tovo

•16 Elite- Head: Head: Brian Elrod, Assistant: TBA

•15 Champion- Head: Bryan Piro, Assistant: Alli Bell

•15 Elite- Head: Mackenzie Wood, Assistant: TBA

•15 Black- Head: Courtney Ingle, Assistant: TBA

•14 Champion- Head: Alexzandra Peckham, Assistant: Jasmine Foster

•14 Elite- Head: Caitlyn Hooker, Assistant: Jim Prather

•14 Black- Head: TBA, Assistant: TBA

•13 Champion- Head: Erica Crawford, Assistant: TBA

•13 Black- Head: Andrea Wolfe, Assistant: TBA

•12 Black- Head: Angela Seitzer, Assistant: TBA

•Youth Academy- April Hamilton and others

•Other coaches who haven't been placed yet: Shane Beaver, Sommer Blair, Denise Jeanmougin,

Emily Aysse, Jessica Imbimbo, Levi Abbott, Alex Williams, Asia Greenhill, Gary Price