For the 2019 season we have assembled one of the best coaching staffs we have ever had.  

This staff includes current and former collegiate coaches, some of the best high school coaches,  current and former collegiate players, and multiple returning elite club coaches who have been coaching with Magnum for over 10 years.  As a group, we have some of the top volleyball minds in the area on our staff!

Our entire staff is IMPACT and PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) certified.   Furthermore, all of coaches are certified in the "MAGNUM WAY" of doing things which is what separates us from other clubs.

All of our coaches share a love of the game of volleyball, and a love and passion for Magnum and all the players that pass through our doors.  We could not be more excited about the upcoming season and the staff that you will all get to know. To read more about our coaches, click on individual names in the list under the Coaches Page.

Magnum Coaches are led by the Club Directors - Eric Shick and David Tiffner

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