Testimonials from College Coaches

Corey Helle
former Head Coach of Wofford College and current director of Upward Starts Volleyball Club

"I have had the pleasure of working with Eric Shick and his staff at Magnum for the better part of 2 decades.  I have always admired Eric as a husband, father, coach and as a director.  I view Eric as a friend and trusted peer.  Magnum was founded and is grounded on Eric’s deep faith and beliefs.  These core values drive Magnum’s success year after year.   Magnum’s teams are always some of the most competitive and skilled teams we play.  I think most importantly, as a father, I can say this:  I’d trust my children with Eric Shick and Magnum.  I can’t say that about everyone or every club.  Eric is a great man and Magnum is a great club."

Parent Testimonials

Where to take your child for club volleyball is an important decision for a parent to make, and can sometimes be quite stressful.  We have been blessed to be part of the Magnum Volleyball family for 9 years.  We’ve had two daughters playing for Magnum at different times and love the experiences that they’ve received.  Our oldest daughter went on to play college volleyball and we’ve seen our youngest daughter improve every year.  Magnum Volleyball does a great job  teaching players the game and coaching them to their full potential. Their emphasis has always been on developing players with skill,  technique, character and passion.  The Magnum program offers so many options that a player can improve through:  team practice, positional practice, conditioning and individual training.  The tournament schedule offered by Magnum is highly competitive and provides players frequent exposure to college coaches.

     Another aspect that sets the Magnum Volleyball Club apart is their family atmosphere and support for each other- on and off the court. The club is full of great coaches, players and parents. We have built lifetime friendships through our time here that we cherish.

     We highly recommend Magnum to players of all skill levels and age.


Cathy and Wallis Bland

It happened!!  Taylor decided in the 7th grade that she wanted to play Volleyball.  I was lost. I never played. I did not know the in and outs. She was 11 years old and pretty sure she wanted to give Volleyball a try. She tried out and made  her Middle School Team!  Our life has not been the same since that day.   I had no idea that my new favorite scent would quickly become sweaty knee pads!!


Next, We were  recommended to try out for the Magnum Volleyball Club.  As a single parent, this felt overwhelming and I was not sure how all of this would work out.  I saw the passion, love and desire Taylor had for the game and  I knew that I had to figure it out. After our first season, I knew that Magnum was the place God sent us for her growth and development in this sport. 


Fast forward to today  We are preparing for our 5th season with Magnum. 

We have had great coaches.  Magnum is very organized!  I trust and believe that our Director, Eric does his best to make decisions in the best interest of the girls.   


Taylor received her first call from a  D-1 college at 14!  I have watched Taylor grow and develop into a force to be reckoned with on the court.  Leadership, teamwork, self confidence, conflict resolution are just a few of the skills that have been developed and reinforced through our  5 year relationship with this club. 


If your daughter is interested in playing volleyball,  we strongly recommend Magnum Volleyball Club. 

Tressy & Taylor Davenport 

Player Testimonials

Magnum volleyball club and the coaches that are associated with it are a major part of my life story. I didn’t start my volleyball career at Magnum but once I moved into the Magnum volleyball club my skills as a volleyball player were utilized and perfected at the highest level.  I had the opportunity to work with amazing coaches who influenced the player and person I am today.

Eric Shick was my first magnum volleyball coach. I was 14 years old playing on a 16s team. To say the least I was terrified because I was so young, but Eric always told me that this Is where I belong and to get better I needed to be at this level of competition. The best choice I made was deciding to play on that 16s team and have Eric motivate me and push me to always be my best.

My next coach was Brian Piro, I, again, played on a 16s team at 15 years old. Piro taught me so much about being a team player. He was always thinking about what was best for his team and the best way to achieve success.  Piro’s discipline gave me the strong work ethic that I carry over into my everyday life.

Finally, David Tiffner coached me two years in a row at Magnum, when I was 16 and 17. Tiffner was my coach when I returned from an ACL injury and he pushed me to bounce back and be the best player I could be. Tiffner taught me lessons on perseverance. There were times that I wanted to give up because an injury can affect your physical and mental game so much, but Tiffner coached me through that and gave me the confidence to know that whatever comes my way I can tackle that.

All of these coaches are still present in my life today.   During my college years I would get messages checking in and seeing how my volleyball career had progressed. I encountered many more amazing people within Magnum but these three coaches taught me the skills to be the volleyball player I am today as well as skills to be successful in life and for that I am so grateful.

Anna Tovo- 2 time State Champion at Aiken HS and All American at Florida Southern College.