Magnum Tryout Specifics:

Tryout times have changed!  Please click the REFRESH Button on your browser to get the latest updates

There is one main tryout for each age group and then a call back tryout for top teams.  You should make this  first/main tryout if possible.  This year invitations to play on teams can be given out at this first tryout or second tryout.  

There will also be a make up tryout if you cannot make these initial tryouts but as was said before- if Magnum is your first choice in clubs you should come to these initial tryouts as some commitments will be made those nights.  

The "CALL BACK" tryout is for those players that we would like to see again in a more "team" setting.  This is where we will look at a player again to see which of the top 2 teams they would best fit on.   If you do not get a call back that DOES NOT  mean that you DID NOT make a Magnum team.  It just means that you are not being considered for the top team.  This is OK.  It is VERY hard to make the top team.  To make the top Magnum team you usually must be one of the top 3 or 4 players in your position within 60 miles of Columbia.  Not making the top team means that you could be on the second or even third team.   All Magnum teams are well coached and will give you a chance to get better and possibly move up next year. Being a starter on the second team might just be what you need to become the best you can be for next season.

Please click on the link under Tryouts- "Before you come to tryouts" so that you know what to do before tryout time.

mportant note about team selection:
At Magnum we do not "pre-select teams".  Each season is a new season and athletes must tryout and make the team again.  We attempt to make the best teams we can with the athletes that come to tryouts and do not allow politics (what school you play for, what club team you were on last year, etc) to come into our team making decisions.  


Preparing for Tryouts:

Before you come to tryouts read the information on this page to make sure you are really prepared to tryout for Magnum. 


You must Register your daughter for the USAV before she comes to tryouts.  This is a membership that provides her with secondary insurance and covers her at tryouts and throughout the season.  This membership does cost $50 but if your daughter does not end up playing you can get a refund.  To Register her click here: USAV Registration 



Which tryout time do I come to?

You MUST bring your daughter to the tryout for her age group/grade level unless you have talked to a Magnum director about your daughter playing in her grade (if she is young for her grade level).
You may be asked to come back and tryout for a team of a higher age during the Call Back tryout but for the first skills tryout we ask that you come to your age group so that we can compare you with players of the same age to see if you need to move up and also so that you can see the other players of your age trying out also.

Check the USAV Age Definitions to see when you should come


Dates and times for 2019-2020 Tryouts:

U15 and Above Tryouts-

High School Age Players

Tryouts for U16s, U17s, U18s have changed due to Eric being in the SC State playoffs.

U14 and Below-

Elementary and Middle School Players

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